5 Big Mistakes Companies Make on Twitter

Twitter is all about 140-character messages that allow businesses to have one-to-one conversations with their customers, send out updates around new products or services and share industry insight.

In the world of recruitment, it can be a great way to promote your jobs, offer advice on job hunting and tips on the application process. However, there are some businesses out there that use Twitter as a platform to push out never ending messages that simply plug their latest product or event.

To get the most out of Twitter, and to ensure that you are always projecting the right impression for your business, you need to avoid some of the common mistakes businesses are making.

Here are three of the most common mistakes to avoid on Twitter:

  1. Auto-Tweeting: If you have your tweets linked up to your website so that every time you update something on your site such as a blog or job post, cancel this now. You are missing out on opportunities to tag usernames, use hashtags, and using a more human approach. People are more likely to follow a Twitter account if they can see it’s not just a robot. Add some personal responses and show off a bit of brand personality!
  2. Too Many Hashtags: There’s nothing worse than a tweet just stuffed full of hashtags. Particularly if the hashtags bear no relevance to the tweet, or aren’t actually that useful. Here at Fifteen Ten we have a strict rule where we only use hashtags if they are useful to the reader; so are based around an event, a hot topic or a piece of breaking news. Using too many hashtags can seem a bit desperate, and let’s face it, they don’t look pretty!
  3. Tweeting in Bursts: Logging into Twitter and doing a few tweets when you remember to isn’t going to build up a lively following. You must be consistent, and aim to tweet daily otherwise you won’t look like an attractive account to follow, that’s updated in a regular fashion.
  4. Not Replying to Customers: You should always be monitoring your Notifications in Twitter. If anyone follows you, tweets you, or favourites a tweet this is the place to find out. It’s important to respond to any tweets you receive from customers, especially any negative ones. This is the best way of demonstrating your excellent customer care and quick response times. If you receive some positive comments, be sure to thank the user and perhaps direct them to another part of your website which might of interest such as another product or your blog.
  5. Not Monitoring Brand Mentions: Some customers will be talking about your brand without tagging you in the message. You can keep an eye on talk around your brand, or related terms by using the search bar at the top of Twitter. By replying to these messages, you have a great opportunity to let them know you are using Twitter and encourage them to follow you. If they are saying negative things, then try to resolve them.

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