Google Chrome: and why it’s awesome

For those of you with an iPhone or iPad still toiling away on Safari – I highly highly recommend Google Chrome as a free-to-download web browsing alternative.

In the desktop market Google Chrome is rightfully sailing above the competition in popularity (, and we implore any readers of this article to ditch the dated and non-compliant IE in favour of this exceptional, freely available web application –

Unfortunately the commercial juggernauts with their thousands of desks, plentiful servers and the increasing prominence of ‘hot-desking’ we find that Microsoft’s ability to house a server environment in a manner in which old techies are comfortable with means there is often lock-down to Microsoft Internet Explorer as a by-product; ahhh Internet Explorer that old foe of the web community.

What are the problems you ask? Well it’s not standards compliant, outstanding issues have been ‘patched up’ rather than robustly addressed in newer versions, indeed until recently you still had the option to revert to previous versions if you preferred, due to the quantity of irregularities across versions! (Surely the newest should negate the need for older versions….?)

It would seem that no matter how hard the people controlling Internet Explorer try… you just can’t polish a turd.

Then we have Google Chrome, the ultimate in web browser: quick, simple, intuitive, and minimal in line with the iOS7+ trend. Oh how we love it.

Google Chrome for Mobile has even recently announced new features allowing the compression of data usage, meaning less damage to your monthly mobile bill! Check it out for yourself –

Here’s to hoping the trend for Google Chrome usage continues the way it is – so that the internet becomes a better place for everyone

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