Property Surveying Mobile App goes live

Working with the innovative and forward-thinking organisation ‘Green Deal Resourcing’ we have produced a cutting-edge and feature-rich application for their team of property surveyors that went live this weekend.

Property surveying is an arduous and often manual process, filling in forms, transferring photos from digital cameras, missioning around on site and collating the information when you’re back at the office or at home later on.

But imagine if that time spent collating the paper information into a digital report was a thing of the past, and it was all taken care of via your smart phone – that is precisely what has been achieved through this app.

Through the use of this application, Green Deal Resourcing have drastically reduced their surveyor ‘down time’ which could be used to complete additional property surveys.

This feature rich application includes the following:

  • Industry standard data fields for surveyor completion
  • Take/upload photo functionality
  • GPS location recording
  • Google Maps report map integration
  • Automated form data to pdf conversion behind-the-scenes
  • Surveyor login user management
  • Company info/website links

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