Search Engine Optimisation for Recruiters

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), for those not in the know – it’s often a ‘we should probably have that, whatever it is’ or something similar. You’ve heard the term, it’s fairly self explanatory, but how it is achieved always seems like this illusive answer, ask someone ‘what precisely do I have to do to perfectly optimise my website for search engines’ and in some cases you may feel like you’re getting a blurry politician’s response.

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The thing with SEO is that the goal posts have been known to move. It used to be a dark art, where if you knew the back door secret, you could play the system like mad, and that’s exactly what a lot of people did. Absolutely stuffing websites with ridiculous text content, using automated programs to post nonsense comments with links on blogs or going mad in the back end of a website to build a vast meta data collection. At one time such tactics would earn you the rankings you wanted, but this behaviour was not in the true spirit of Google’s dream organic search – where relevance really is the one and only ranking factor.

SO what did Google do? they invested squillions of pounds and updated there algorithm thousands of times over the course of a year or two, nudging the goal posts this way and that way so that people trying to blag the system had to play catch up.

These days Google are getting so good, there’s very little system-playing to be done. These days, SEO still relates to backlink prominence and other features, but a key element to modern SEO is content.

Content is king!

Recruitment agencies traditionally find it hard to update their website on a regular basis, especially those who are of a small to medium size. There are so many tasks in a busy recruitment agency, and updating the website content tends to slip and slide down the to-do list. So what can be done to ensure your site is SEO friendly, but with the minimum of fuss and time consumption?

1. Update your job feed presentation

Make sure your job postings include the job title – so rather than – use something like – this will ensure you benefit from the URL search engine visibility, while benefitting from the automation. You should also tap up your website administrators to ensure the job title, location, and your company name go in the <title> field – trust us, this is important. Any respectable web developer should be able to achieve this, and search engines LOVE it.

2. Create a blog, and write one a month

You should create a blog – I know you’ve heard of this and you probably have one you love, have one but never write on it, or don’t have one and maybe feel like  you should but dammit there’s always so much other stuff to do.

Blogs are great because they allow you to show off your knowledge, don’t hold back – tell people what you know, you have every opportunity to demonstrate yourself as an expert (assuming you are one) and it’s my strong belief that showing a level of openness gives away a lot about your working practices, showing they are collaborative rather than restrictive. You can explain to your clients the implications on their recruitment from a new legal update, or explain to your candidates how they might use a new piece of technology to improve their chances of getting hired (through you!).

This all serves to create a dynamic environment of rich content that is relevant to your site, and guess what? Search engines LOVE that too – make sure you get some keywords in there for your specialist sectors or locations, with some links to various pages around your site, and you’re up and running.

If you’d like a brief chat about your recruitment blog after this introduction, or want to find out how your recruitment website can benefit from some sprucing up by one of our expert team – I suggest you get in touch asap – all consultations are free and we consider all projects.

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