Support & Maintenance

  1. We will aim to respond to all support tickets within 24 office hours
  2. If your website is down (not available to visitors) we will aim to respond within the hour (Monday-Friday, office hours, subject to staff availability).
  3. Low priority tickets are typically actioned within 3–5 working days*
  4. Normal priority tickets are typically actioned within 2–3 working days*
  5. High priority tickets are typically actioned within 1–2 working days*
  6. Urgent priority tickets are typically actioned on the same working day*
  7. Support time is monthly and does not carry over from one month to the next
  8. We may very occasionally suggest a plugin to enable a unique feature, however we limit our plugin use to heavily-vetted, highly reputable plugins, or those we have developed entirely ourselves
  9. We will update any plugins and WordPress install inline with your plan
  10. Should your support request require additional time outside of your plan to complete, we will advise in advance before commencing any work
  11. Our hosting provider uptime level is typically over 99.9% per their SLA (as at 1st March 2022)
  12. We will take support requests via email, phone or our support ticket system.
  13. All site reports will be sent to you via email, weekly or monthly as your plan determines
  14. If we do not host your website, we are not responsible for downtime on your server, but support time can be used to rectify issues
  15. We will require access to your site and web hosting account at all times

*These times are guides. The amount of time required to action a request depends very much on the nature of the request. Note that requests for new development work are subject to schedule into the studio.

Your commitments

  1. You must notify Fifteen Ten of any plans to install new functionality, add new plugins or make template changes
  2. You must notify Fifteen Ten if any other third party has access to your site to make changes of any kind
  3. You must ensure that all passwords for the site are secure and of at least 8 alpha-numeric characters with non-dictionary words
  4. You will provide Fifteen Ten with access to your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts
  5. Fair usage – all our support clients are subject to fair usage of their support contracts. You will be notified of any over-use. We can then discuss options such as plan upgrades or Fifteen Ten Time.

No surprises

As our client, it’s in our interest to make sure that you receive the level of support and responsiveness that you require to keep the site fully operational. With any busy website, there can be unforeseen circumstances such as site hacks, sudden ‘white screens of death’ and myriad other potential issues; our support and maintenance package is intended as a support mechanism to defend against or resolve these wider environmental issues.

We are a team that prides itself on getting the job done. We often go the extra mile and we’re passionate about making your site as good as it can be. This has allowed us to work and grow as a business for over ten years. However with such a variable environment as the internet, new challenges and unforeseen circumstances can emerge. It’s a fact of website development. To this end, we proactively work with our clients to provide advice and full-on support.