In the ultra competitive recruitment world it’s important to stand out; those companies that do have the best chance of finding the right candidates. With the online side of marketing gaining more and more importance in how we do this, one of the ways you can put yourself out there is to create an outstanding recruiting video.


In this article we’ll talk you through

  • Why a recruitment video can help you attract the right talent
  • How to create a recruitment video – and make it great
  • The process of making a recruitment video


What can a recruitment video do for you?

As we have spoken about before in our two part video article here, video is the boss when it comes to content. Talking recruitment specifically, CareerBuilder found that video job postings get a 34% greater application rate than those without video – using video = more applications [ref]. Video shows the viewer who you are and demonstrates the human side of your business; something that an ordinary text-based job post just can’t compete with.


Make it great

Here are some tips for a video that will stand out


  • Cut to the chase –  introduce your business, the people, your values and culture and make it short and sweet


  • Tell ‘em like it is – what is it like to work for your company, what does the role involve day to day?


  • Show off – what is special about you? Is it your sociable work culture, your amazing work-life balance, your super smart office…?


  • Testimonials – including an interview with the CEO/people at the top and clips of employees sharing their views on life at your company. Ask interesting questions such as ‘describe your job/our company in three words’, ‘tell us about an exciting project you’re working on’, ‘what do you love about your job?’ and ‘what keeps you here?’


  • Day in the life – show your people going about their daily life in the office. Candidates will feel more confident to apply to your company if they can see the working environment you’ve created


  • Call to action – what do you want candidates to do now? ‘Apply here’, ‘Send your CV to..’, ‘Call us on…’ are all clear calls to action that let the viewer know how they can closer to working with you


So how to do this…?

  • First create a checklist of must haves for your video
    • Introduction to company
    • Company culture and values
    • Your business principles
    • Day in the life
    • Interviews
    • Call to action


  • Script – Discuss and finalise your ideas before you start shooting. Check your use of jargon – the ultimate turnoff for candidates looking for answers to their questions. Plus it makes you sound like David Brent


  • Hook ‘em in – Start with something interesting that will catch the viewer’s attention straight away


  • Be real – As tempting as it sounds, reeling off all the ways your company is the best in the recruitment world can come across as a bit fake. Far better to show moments of difficulty (alongside all the ways you ARE amazing) and demonstrate how you’ve grown


  • Lights, Camera.. – Make sure you have the equipment you need or hire someone that does!


  • Sound on – No matter how perfect your video, if the sound quality is poor, viewers will switch off. Ensure the soundtrack you choose fits well with the message and feel of your company


  • Subtitles – Don’t forget to make your video accessible to those with hearing difficulties as well as those who are unable to play the sound due to situational factors (being somewhere quiet/no headphones)


  • Edit – Online behaviour is more fast food consumption than take-your-time-over-a-long-meal kind of deal. Viewers are more likely to watch something short and snappy; the average time candidates spend watching recruitment videos is 1 minute 36 seconds [ref


  • Share the magic – Post your video on job pages, career sites, all your social channels, send it out via newsletter and on company review sites. Basically get it out there!