Here at Fifteen Ten, we have experience with some top clients in the recruitment industry. Seeing as 92% of companies use social media for recruiting, we think it’s important for those in the recruitment industry to pay attention to these growing platforms and to understand how they could help your business.

According to new stats from social recruiting solutions provider Gozaik, Twitter is poised to become the number one social recruitment tool out there, beating out rivals like LinkedIn and Facebook.

On that note, we’ve decided to list some essential accounts to follow on Twitter in recruitment. The list is relevant for recruitment companies and HR teams within companies, and the accounts are in no particular order.

  1. Social Talent (@socialtalent)

Johnny Campbell is a recruiter based out in Dublin, Ireland. With 7,475 followers on Twitter he has managed to build himself as an authority figure in the recruitment industry on Twitter. He often tweets about new trends in recruitment, new platforms and job boards, and new tricks and techniques to use as well as social media advice.

  1. The Employable (@theemployable)

The Employable has over 2,500 followers and is an excellent resource for tips, advice, guidance and support on all things relating to job-seeking. Their regular posts include bad things to say in job interviews, and common CV mistakes – all great content for recruiters to share with their candidates.

  1. The HR Director (@TheHRDirector)

The account has just under 7,400 followers and is the Twitter account for the print magazine. The account provides a fantastic resource for HR Directors, and Senior HR Practitioners with news and facts. They also share HR case studies from key global companies and HR industry professionals. Occasionally they also tweet quotes from inspirational people, which is always good content to share.

  1. Talent Culture (@TalentCulture)

Talent Culture is a US website publishing some great content about workplace culture and innovation, talent management, technology and strategy. The content is written by professionals working in leadership and management roles. The Twitter account is huge with over 50,300 followers and provides a constant stream of the best web content.

  1. UnderCover Rec (@UndercoverRec)

The Undercover Recruiter is another great website offering plenty of content both for candidates and recruiters. This is a great place to source content to share with jobseekers, as they often share tips about social media, the application process and interview techniques. They also share interviews with key business leadership experts and authors from other blogs and content hubs online. The account has over 77,500 followers.

Try to build out your Twitter community by finding new Twitter accounts to follow that are similar to those in our list. By following these accounts and more, you will have access to some engaging and relevant content that you can share with your own followers. We would recommend not just retweeting content, but trying to continue the conversation with your community by asking them for questions and opinions relating to the content which you share.

If you are looking for some social media advice then please do get in touch with us here at Fifteen Ten.