Recruiters! You might see the hubbub about emarketing and wonder how it applies to you, being typically more of a traditional sales environment than an informal marketing environment akin to media start ups and retail. Well let me tell you… there are a number of ways!

Firstly be advised that the engagement stats for emailshots outweigh that of social media and many other forms of communication.

Also – I just want to touch on this in case you haven’t read our previous blog post on email marketing, I know you all think emarketing = spam, but why should it be? If you’re emailing people who want to be emailed, and emailing them content they WANT, then surely it’s not spam? Spam is only when you bang a load of content out relentlessly that is of no use or interest to anyone.

If you’re looking for more advice on how to create an exceptional mailshot – view our blog article by clicking this link. But I’m going to focus on recruitment marketing in this post.

1. Email Job Alerts

First option is ‘Email Job Alerts’. On your recruitment site you probably have a job search feature; but you might not have a ‘job alert’ feature for your candidates. This is essentially another search form, where the candidate can enter their criteria ‘JAVA Developer, Scotland’ for instance, then they can also enter their full name and email address.

When you post a job that matches that criteria, they receive a lovely branded email from you alerting them to the new position that is an exact match for them! This is something we suggest with all our recruitment sites as it gets great feedback.

You can also take it a step further and add a ‘sign up to our newsletter to receive expert advice on the jobs market in this sector?’ checkbox – voila you have a relevant, opted-in recipient of your newsletter too.

Worried about it feeling like spam? no problem, we add a clear and easy to use ‘Unsubscribe’ link to the foot of every email. Job done. We can even discuss mobile responsive emails and click rate tracking for those interested in the benefits derived from the bells and whistles!

The best thing about this is that the best websites automate this process. While you can manually administer job alerts if required (in case you get a call from a candidate), the system essentially runs in the background between website and candidate. Increased candidate applications/brand awareness from your recruitment website, and minimum effort for the recruiters.

2. Traditional eMarketing

Traditional emarketing involves the use of one of the superb (predominantly) free services such as MailChimp, to create a monthly/quarterly newsletter, with punchy text and relevant imagery sent out to inform, discuss, and sell. This gives you a great opportunity to show off your brand, demonstrate yourselves as experts and keep your name in the frame for any further recruiter opportunities or vacancies arising.

Examples of content you could include are:

a) Market information

Recruitment agencies typically have a great awareness of market movements, sensing which sectors are busy and which are on a downward slope – why not impart some of this knowledge and keep people updated? your clients won’t forget your expert insight.

b) Legal updates

Legal stuff can be an acquired taste, but it cannot be avoided. If you have awareness of emerging legal changes that might affect the recruitment industry (such as IR35 for instance) then keep your clients posted with an easy-to-digest introduction and links for further information; you’ll show yourselves to be an expert and that you can be trusted when the time comes.

c) Technology updates

Recruitment is an industry increasingly affected by changes in technology, invested in some new gear or exploring a new tool or application? Why not tell people about it? People love an innovative train of thought and if it can save people effort/time/money, then you’re onto a winner – check out our Recruitment Mobile Apps if you’re looking for ideas!

d) Company updates

Everyone WANTS to write these, but let’s face it, nobody wants to read them. It’s kind of like the guy at the party who only talks about himself. Keep it short, fun, and near the bottom of the mail if you must. Unless you have something AMAZING – and please, be brutally honest with yourself on this point!

If you’re looking for any further info on recruitment email marketing – or would like us to help you setup a campaign on your behalf – it’s really very simple – just contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.